Netflix Shakes Hands with These Brothers

CBS (NYSE:CBS), Warner Bros (NYSE:TWX) and Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) came together for a streaming deal focused on The CW network for four-years. The deal gives Netflix access to popular shows including Gossip Girl, 90210 and One Tree Hill. Netflix shares are up 2.98%.

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) viewers will be able to catch up on prior seasons of the network’s serialized dramas, as well as watch new episodes on The CW during their in-season broadcast. Viewers will be able to see current and future broadcasts for four years after each series ends its broadcast on the network.

“This proves once again the overriding importance of content in our business, while showing how emerging platforms such as Netflix are adding value to the traditional TV ecosystem,” said Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO, Warner Bros. (NYSE:TWX) “And to open a new window like this for our television product strengthens the increasing value of our powerful, deep and growing portfolio,” according to Deadline New York.