Nokia’s ‘Phablet’ Graces the Web, EA’s ‘Madden’ Tops Charts, and 3 More Hot Stocks

Nokia Corp. (NYSE:NOK): Images of Nokia’s Lumia 1520 ‘phablet‘ have surfaced, revealing that the large phone/small tablet will share many design features and its polycarbonate body with the Lumia 928. The 1520 will become the first 5-inch or larger Windows Phone device, with a 6-inch 1080p display, a 20 megapixel (or greater) camera, and a quad-core Qualcomm CPU. The phone is expected to launch later this year.


Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA): EA estimates that first-week retail sales of Madden NFL 25 topped 1 million, good for making the football game franchise the highest-selling game in North America in August. However, it’s also down from the 1.65 million first-week sales reported for Madden NFL 13 a year ago. A new animation engine meant that Madden NFL 13 was a larger update; further, gamers are likely holding out to get their paws on one of the new consoles and buying games on the updated platforms.


PetroChina (NYSE:PTR): The corruption scandal that sent ripples up PetroChina’s ranks has resulted in the tightening of control over its managers and the stepping up of safety inspections to ensure the shock from the scandal doesn’t disrupt its global operations, company sources told Reuters. No reports of operational problems or signs that the company is backing out of any deals have been indicated, but PetroChina “is afraid this incident will affect normal production,” a senior company official reportedly said.


eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY): Online/mobile payments platform Braintreee is “currently shopping itself around to potential acquirers,” and eBay’s PayPal has been in discussions with the company, TechCrunch reports. Braintree reportedly offers a simpler, more convenient way for online/mobile merchants to handle payment-processing than PayPal, and it has scored some high-profile clients like Uber, Fab, LivingSocial, and Airbnb.


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ:GMCR): Green Mountain will be shutting down its Toronto operations next year, which will put about 120 jobs on the block and move production to its expanded facility in Montreal.  A one-time charge will be recorded in the current quarter, but the company maintains it should be immaterial to full-year results.


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