Nuance Communications Earnings Call Insights: Enterprise Business, Mobile

On Thursday, Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:NUAN) reported its second quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call. Take a look.

Enterprise Business

Brent Thill – UBS: A question for Paul and a follow-up for Tom. Paul just in the Enterprise business you saw really strong outperformance can you just help us understand what caused that outperformance this quarter?

Paul Ricci – Chairman and CEO: There were a couple of things that contributed to the performance in the quarter and a couple of things I want to mention that will we think improve performance as we look forward. In the quarter we had very strong licensing revenues and some significant in quarter licensing deals, and we had the contributions from Loquendo, which were significantly stronger than we had anticipated in the quarter. As we look forward, I might mention that demand for our professional services in Enterprise is quite strong. I think we referenced in our prepared remarks, professional services bookings, and we have seen a more robust pipeline for our on-demand solutions, including some deals that have been closed in the last quarter.

Brent Thill – UBS: Real quick for Tom, just on the revenue guidance, you increased your guide. I just wanted to be clear that the majority of the raise is due to Transcend. It doesn’t look like you factored in any other organic improvement, is that correct?

Tom Beaudoin – EVP and CFO: We are not breaking out the various contributions beyond what we told you of about $50 million, but it is true that majority of contributions were from Transcend in the additional guidance.


Daniel Ives – FBR Capital Markets & Co.: Can you just talk –I mean, obviously you had a bounce back on mobile and we know it happened last quarter with the big deals as they were kind of from a time perspective pushed off. Just speak generally – I know you can do about specific deals, but did you start to do the professional services on some of those ones that (swooped) out of last quarter’s revenue?

Paul Ricci – Chairman and CEO: We did see there are several factors that we had talked about before, we’d like to emphasize with respect to the mobile business. One, as we reiterated this quarter from last quarter in the prepared remarks, the deals are becoming more expensive and more complex and the accounting around those is equally complex and because it tend to involve cloud-based services and other factors that cause revenue to be recognized over time. We will see a prolonging of revenue recognition. Second as I referenced in my comments just now and as we also stated in the remarks the demand for a sophisticated natural language solutions in the mobile industry and consumer electronics industry widely is unprecedented in our experience. And we are continuing to staff and invest in anticipation of that continuing. But those revenues will be recognized with time and we did enjoy the benefits of some significant design wins this quarter and the completion of some of the milestones on existing contracts this quarter.

Daniel Ives – FBR Capital Markets & Co.: Then just lastly on Healthcare. Obviously your organic growth kind of came back to where we would hope it would be. Do you feel like this kind of a sustainable level going forward, I am not saying quarter-to-quarter but just that kind of low to mid teens sort of growth rate?

Paul Ricci – Chairman and CEO: We think it’s a reasonable indicative growth rate for the business. We did note in our comments that we anticipate a slower growth rate in the third quarter and a resumption of higher growth rate in the fourth quarter just because of the timing of licensing deals in the two quarters of last year. Second two quarters of last year and our anticipation for the licensing deals in the two quarters of this year.