OMG! These VCs are So Hot Right Now

As with everything in life, some people seem to have a knack for the spotlight.

Given the mounting optimism in startup land, we think these 4 VCs should be on your radar. Not only are they offering a treasure trove of information for free, they are real pros (Cf. all the D-League VCs and Angels who merely buy into deals and hype their status to starry-eyed entrepreneurs).

OMG! These VCs are so hot right now:

1) Fred Wilson

Firm: Union Square Ventures

Reason for Hotness: Fred is possibly one of the most gifted VCs today. He spotted and developed such household names as Delicious (YHOO), FeedBurner (GOOG), Twitter, Zynga, Etsy, Disqus, Fouresquare, MeetUp, Tumblr, and Boxee. Yes, WOW.

Unlike people who buy their friends and call themselves popular, Fred and his colleagues at USV are leaders into these deals. Moreover, Fred has established himself as possibly the most popular VC on the web with his must-read blog As you’d expect, Fred is one of the first names mentioned when his peers are asked to list “the best”.

2) Mark Suster

Firm: GRP Partners

Reason for Hotness: Mark made his splash after selling his startup Koral to (CRM). He then joined the largest venture capital firm in Southern California and hit the other side of the table with investments in RingRevenue, GumGum, and Burstly.

At the moment, Mark’s blog Both Sides of the Table is one of the top sources of information for entrepreneurs and other investors. He has also founded an elite and acclaimed mentorship group for startups in Los Angeles: Launchpad LA.

3) Mark Andreessen & Ben Horowitz

Firm: Andreessen-Horowitz

Reason for Hotness: If you use a web browser, then you need to thank Mark Andreessen. The inventor of Netscape is still widely worshipped by the high tech crowd, and now he’s using his smarts and connections to become a serious player in venture capital.

Mark and partner Ben Horowitz (who contributes to Wall St. Cheat Sheet) already have skin in some high profile companies such as Skype, Digg, Zynga, Burbn (Instagram), and on the enterprise side they are weighted toward flash storage and the cloud. At the moment, professional entrepreneurs are falling over themselves to get money from these savvy fellows.

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