People in These States Pay the Most in Income Tax

With tax time drawing nearer, many of us will pull out last year’s returns for reference. How much did you pay in income taxes? If you think it was a lot, there’s a good chance the average American in other states paid a lot more – or quite possibly, a lot less. It depends in part on where you live.

Federal income tax brackets are the same across all states. (Federal tax brackets are changing in 2018 based on the tax reform bill President Donald Trump signed into law.) However, state brackets vary a great deal, and lucky residents of nine states even pay no state income tax whatsoever. Here, we’ve listed the 15 most expensive states for paying federal and state income taxes combined — based on average dollar amounts paid per household, per state. How does your state measure up?

15. Washington

The Washington State Capitol building under a partly cloudy sky

Even though most taxes don’t go to the legislators in Olympia, Washingtonians still pay a ton. | Seastock Getty Images

  • Average federal income taxes: $14,664
  • Average state income taxes: $0
  • Total average taxes: $14,664

Even though Washington residents are lucky enough not to pay state income taxes, on average, they’re still paying higher than the nationwide average of $14,051 in federal taxes. The Pacific Northwest state does have a higher than average cost of living, including a sky-high gasoline tax.

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