Pepsi Is Getting a Little Playboy Push

PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP) has a new executive team member on board, and it stole her from Playboy Enterprises.

Kristin Patrick, Playboy’s former chief marketing officer, will join Pepsi as its senior VP-global CMO, where starting June 3, she will “…be responsible for brand management and architecture across the Pepsi trademark globally…will lead all communication, including the continued roll out and evolution of the “Live for Now” platform…and will lead the global beverage group innovation team and define priorities and expansion opportunities for Pepsi,” as reported by Ad Age.

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Patrick’s hire marks the conclusion of a ten month search, conducted by Brad Jakeman, president of the global beverages group, who was looking to fill a position never offered before by Pepsi. Simon Lowden, CMO at Pepsi Beverages North America, formerly held the title PepsiCo International CMO, but now that the brand is ready to operate on a global model, Patrick will fill the role of connecting the brand on an international level. The current model has now established a global beverage group, global snacks group, and global nutrition group, and Jakeman hopes that each of the top 12 global brands will eventually have a global leader.

The desire to manage Pepsi on a global level, rather than a more regional one, was spurred by the hyper-connectivity of Pepsi’s international consumers. While the brand used to have different marketing campaigns, packaging, and logos, Jakeman now recognizes the necessity of unifying these brands, saying, “We’re marketing to global consumers that are hyper-connected to each other, no matter where they are in the world. It makes sense to manage brands on a global scale.”

Jakeman recognized Patrick as someone at the top of her field with distinguished experience. Besides her most recent employment at Playboy, she has worked with William Morris Endeavor, NBC Universal, Revlon (NYSE:REV), Calvin Klein, Gap, and The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS). She played an especially important role at Playboy as she expanded the brand and launched new digital initiatives.

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Now that Jakeman has succeeded in hiring Patrick, along with Mauro Porcini,  the company’s first chief design officer, he is ready to extend his focus to innovation and other global brands.

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