PepsiCo Earnings Call Insights: Frito-Lay Business and Integration of Wimm-Bill-Dann

PepsiCo Inc (NYSE:PEP) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Frito-Lay Business

John Faucher – JPMorgan: A question on Frito, which is if we look at the track data, whether it’s the absolute level of sales or even the market shares, the results today are better than I think we would’ve expected. So, can you talk a little bit about what you’re seeing maybe in the non-track channels there and then if you think about the market share issue, how should we be thinking about Frito share within salty snacks and then sort of how that’s going to work in broader context of the whole Frito-Lay business?

Indra K. Nooyi – Chairman and CEO: Brian Cornell is right here, so let me have Brian talk about the Frito-Lay business.

Brian Cornell – CEO, PepsiCo Americas Foods: John, I think we saw very balanced results in the quarter I think the overall investments we’ve made in brand building, in innovation. Our focus on productivity and execution really played out well in the fourth quarter and I think you saw that equate to growth in our value share, our volume share and also improvement in unit share. So, we are very pleased with the execution in the quarter and we would expect that the continued which we going to next year.

Integration of Wimm-Bill-Dann

Bryan Spillane – Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Could you talk a little bit about the progress you have made on the integration of Wimm-Bill-Dann in Russia and just sort of where you see that business today versus what you are expecting at the beginning of the year and just some more color in terms of the underlying performance and trends there?

Indra K. Nooyi – Chairman and CEO: The integration has gone exceedingly well Bryan and the business is performing at CapEx level. I have here Zein who was the architect of the Russia businesses Zein, why don’t you answer this question.

Zein Abdalla – President: As Indra said, Bryan the integration has gone exceptionally well. As we did the due diligence on the whole Wimm-Bill-Dann acquisition we realized that we are buying a business with very strong brands and a very strong management team and obviously those two things really do support your ability to integrate. I think the other thing that we would really call out is that as we’ve merged these businesses, it’s given us the opportunity to really strengthen our go-to-market systems across our total businesses and again as we’ve told you about many times when you think about Russia with its multiple time zones, the immense geography, but the strength that you have and reach across that country as a result of the scale of your operations is critical and Wimm-Bill-Dann has given us a real step up in that. I guess the final thing we’d call out is that the innovation opportunity that it brings to really strengthen our snack and beverage approach by getting us into that morning day part and our ability to leverage our assets into a whole new day part has really proven out as well. So we are just immensely pleased with both the top and the bottom line performance the synergies that is brought into the business but also the growth potential that has opened up for us in Russia.

Indra K. Nooyi – Chairman and CEO: Wimm-Bill-Dann is a great team, that team is excellent.

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