PepsiCo Wants Kids to Do the Dew

PepsiCo Inc. (NYSE:PEP) is working to extend the appeal of its best-selling non-cola drink, Mountain Dew, to a younger, more differentiated and a certainly more ‘cool’ section of the soda drinking population in the U.S.

The company’s new campaign will mark a concerted effort to make Dew attractive to black and Hispanic consumers, and geographically address a historically low-selling territory that extends from California to Louisiana, hugging the southern border of the U.S., and urban hubs such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

“Our biggest opportunities are in those areas with the highest concentration of consumers who probably haven’t heard the dew message as focused as we could have,” said Brett O’Brien, vice president of marketing for Mountain Dew.

As many as seven celebrities will endorse the drink in Pepsi’s new campaign, including country singer Jason Aldean, rappers Lil Wayne and Mac Miller, and skateboarder Paul Rodriquez. The campaign debuted this week with an ad featuring Lil Wayne saying “If you got anything from me, it’s to find your thing and do you,” across shots of concert footage and skateboarders. “We all know it’s not what you do, it’s how you do.” The campaign is focused on a catchy tagline, “This is how We Dew”.

The aim, obviously, is to identify the drink with ‘cool stuff’ that finds favor among younger customers in their teens and 20s. “It’s been a matter of messaging,” O’Brien says. “We haven’t really talked to this differentiated, emerging teen base as much as we have that heartland consumer.”

The marketing blitz will be accompanied by a distribution thrust into urban cities like New York City, and the addition of more flavors at traditional outlets such as gas stations and convenience stores.