Pinterest is in with the Ladies

A new report by Inside Network’s AppData reveals that Pinterest is growing in popularity, especially with the ladies. Pinterest now has 10.4 million registered users, 9 million monthly Facebook-connected users, and 2 million daily Facebook users. TechCrunch reports that AppData along with Facebook’s advertising tool show that a whopping 97% of Pinterest users are of the female persuasion.

While the up and coming pinboard style website was created by three men, Pinterest seems to be specifically directed at female users. TechCrunch quotes Pinterest’s “About” section from their website which reads,”People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.”

As a Pinterest addict myself I can attest to the fact that the images on my homepage are predominantly spaces in chic homes, recipes, ideas for family pictures, and fashion inspiration. I do stumble across the occasional male user, but like the number show, they’re a rare minority.

AppData also shows that the number of Pinterest junkies like myself is growing. A fifth, or roughly 2 million, of registered Pinterest users visit the site on a daily basis, which is up from 810,000 daily users at the beginning of 2012. Pinterest’s quick growing popularity is even setting records. ComScore reports that Pinterest has reached the 10 million monthly unique visitors quicker than any other standalone site in history.

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