Place Your Bets: Zynga and Facebook LOVE Gambling

RocketPlay, a creator of social sports-betting games, has announced a partnership with Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA) with the release of Sports Casino. The partnership will bring the game to Zynga’s 306 million active users across social platforms like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).

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Sports Casino delivers an authentic virtual sports-betting experience to social gaming and sports fans,” said RocketPlay CEO Mani Honigstein. The game, which currently only uses virtual currency, is designed to create a second-screen compliment to watching live sports. As legal restrictions ease, Sports Casino will likely take advantage of the strong male gamer demographic on Facebook and incorporate real-money gambling, which is growing increasingly popular in the social space.

The growing trend toward second screen activity, particularly surrounding sports, could open up a lot of advertising doors for Facebook. If RocketPlay is able to incorporate real-money into their game, Facebook could find itself with a powerful new avenue for monetization.

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