Poll: Americans’ Distrust of Government High

Washington DC

According to PewResearch, American’s aren’t sending very many beams of faith and love Washington’s way. A survey conducted just prior to the October 16 debt ceiling and spending bill agreement revealed a new low in public trust of the government.

Nineteen percent of those surveyed said that, “They trust government in Washington to do what is right just about always or most of the time,” a dip in points since a January survey. These numbers are reticent of those collected after the 2011 debt ceiling battle, according to PewResearch. Of those more trusting individuals, 28 percent — Democrats — said that they trusted their government most or all of the time, compared to the 10 percent Republican.

The reports of public anger with the federal government — at an all time high of 26 percent in September — have shot up to 30 percent in the latest survey. Republican PR hasn’t been looking good over the course of the shutdown, it’s true, but according to the 55 percent “of Republicans and Republican leaning independents who agree with the Tea Party” they’re angry with the federal government as well.

The rest of those surveyed rang in with Fifty-Five percent saying they were frustrated with the government, and a mere 12 percent reporting feeling “basically content.” Federal agencies and workers are an entirely different matters though — with twelve of the thirteen federal agencies receiving more positive feedback than negative — and with workers getting favorable public opinion “by about two-to-one (62 percent to 29 percent),” according to the survey.

In an October 9-13 survey, 73 percent of the 1,504 adults queried said that they had an unfavorable view of Congress — unsurprising considering the negative poll results for incumbents. With nearly twice the number of young people professing governmental trust than the elderly, it wouldn’t be crazy to wonder if the older generation knows something these young whippersnappers don’t.

Late Thursday night President acknowledged some of these set backs, reminding Congress that “there is a lot of work ahead of us, including our need to earn back the trust of the American people that has been lost over the last few weeks.”

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