Poll Results: 86% of WSCS Readers Hate Facebook’s Use of Their Private Information

After writing “Are You Scared of Advertisers Mining Your Facebook Account?“, I wanted to know how you felt despite Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s claim their privacy policy is “misunderstood.”

Our poll results are in. Here is how a sampling of you answered the question “Are you bothered by Facebook’s use of your information?”

58% said, “Yes, I don’t want advertisers or strangers accessing my private life.

28% said, “Yes, Facebook bills itself as a service to maintain private connections, so they need to find a better biz model.”

12% said, “No, I agreed to their privacy terms when I signed up.”

2% said, “No, I don’t care who sees my personal information.”

0% said, “No, they need to make money.”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Now check out how you can adjust your privacy settings on Facebook.