The Poorest Politicians in the United States Are …

When you think of politicians, you probably don’t think of them as poor. After all, many prominent members of the Trump administration are quite rich. Even when you don’t factor in Donald Trump and his high-level White House staff, there are several legislators worth millions and more.

Not all politicians get into the game in order to make money, and not all politicians have billions in the bank like our president. These 15 are the poorest politicians in the United States.

15. Chris Stewart

Rep. Chris Stewart

Rep. Chris Stewart has quite a bit of debt. | George Frey/Getty Images

A very unpopular person among his constituents, Rep. Chris Stewart also claims to be one of the poorest members of Congress. He self-reports $270,000 in assets (all in the form of investments) and claims $760,000 in debt to his name, according to a 2015 report from the website Roll Call.

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