Pre-open eMini SP 500 Morning Report 3.8.10

This is a guest post from Precision Capital Management

The Precise Take – Markets quiet ahead of slow news week

Leaders Analysis:  The divergences in leaders correlation that we noted shortly after the report Friday was quickly resolved intraday.  The US Dollar retraced all of its early gains and closed on its low, and is down further overnight.  The EuroYen finally got the breakout we were looking for and is up nominally overnight.  The 30 Year T-Bond yield broke above its long term trendline but, with the futures having traded down to support, may continue to oscillate around the trendline.  Until it breaks definitively away from it, this market will not provide much predictive value.  The leaders look as though they will consolidate their moves and are, therefore, equities neutral.

Medium Term Analysis:  On Friday, equities showed great strength and should be able to capitalize by extending gains this week.  The ES is within striking distance of the January 11 high of 1148.00 which, interestingly, was posted the day after the month’s Employment Situation report.  The fact that market internals calculated by a variety of methods are making new highs suggests they should avoid a similar fate this time.  If not, there should at least be warning.  Having said all that, there is not scheduled news of note over the next two days, and little else until Friday.  It would be normal in this situation to see a…

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