Price Does Not Equal Value, And Everyone Is Chasing Price: This Is What Happened In Every Past Bubble

This is a guest post by Tyler Durden.

Joe Saluzzi of Themis Trading shares another set of valuable market insights, and suggests what everyone knows but is unwilling to act on, for fear of taking the US Central Bank head on: that the entire market is now just another bubble. In brief – “markets are not efficient” and investor psychology, sentiment and technicals are the only thing that matters. Saluzzi explains why he is most worried about unemployment, housing and the rising debt. He is not the only one. Joe concludes with a jab at all overoptimistic hollow teleprompter repeaters, better known as CNBC anchors: “You can’t tell me everything is getting better when I point to all these negatives and all these problems that still exist and they haven’t been addressed yet.”

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