Prince Harry and Other Royals Who Do Their Own Grocery Shopping

The last person you’d expect to see browsing the aisles of the grocery store is a prince or princess. You may assume no one in the British royal family would ever shop for their own food.  Believe it or not, they sometimes do — and we’ve got the pictures here to prove it. And Prince Harry even happens to have some strong feelings about it. (More on that soon.)

Here we’ll show you who breezes through the store solo and uses the self-checkout (page 3) as well as which senior royal may have only set foot in a grocery store on official business (page 6).

1. Kate Middleton bought a discounted plant 

Kate Middleton grocery shopping

Kate popped into the shop this April. | AboutWilliam&Kate via Twitter

Shoppers were surprised to see Kate Middleton in the aisles of British supermarket Waitrose just weeks before she gave to Prince Louis in April 2018. Word was the 36-year-old duchess purchased, among other things, a plant of either parsley or coriander with a 25% off sticker on it.

One excited onlooker did dare to approach the soon-to-be mom of three. “I did actually say ‘hello’ to her as I walked past,” said the woman, who noticed Kate loading reusable bags of groceries into her Range Rover. “She turned and said, ‘Hi, hello.’”

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2. Meghan Markle was spotted with a cartful

Meghan Markle grocery shopping

Maybe she was shopping for her famous chicken dinner? | Walkileaks via Twitter

Now that she’s a London resident, Meghan Markle has been seen shopping at a supermarket close to her at Kensington Palace, Harper’s Bazaar reported. “I would not be surprised if she will continue to visit a grocery store from time to time after the wedding,” royal expert Marlene Koenig said.

Back when she was Harry’s girlfriend and still living in Toronto, the royal-to-be was spotted at her local grocery store one winter day in 2016. She played it low-key in a parka and baseball cap as she pushed a cartload of groceries through the parking lot.

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3. Princess Beatrice used the self-checkout

Princess Beatrice

The princess does her own shopping in NYC. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Princess Beatrice was spotted grocery shopping alone without any bodyguards — and using the self-checkout. The 29-year-old daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson picked up salad greens and a few other items in a low-key visit to the London store.

As non-working royals, Beatrice and her sister Princess Eugenie “will most certainly have been regular visitors of grocery stores,” royal expert Koenig said. The two likely did all of their own shopping while living in New York City, where Beatrice still resides now.

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4. Princess Diana bought cereal and baked beans

Princess Diana grocery shopping

She stocked up on healthy food. | Andrew Brown via Twitter

She may have been at Tesco for a scheduled royal visit, but Princess Diana loaded her cart with groceries while she was there in 1990. The royal stocked up on healthy foods: apples and bananas, low-fat yogurt, whole wheat cereal, and a can of baked beans.

Her planned visit coincided with the launch of a booklet for expectant mothers that offered advice on healthy eating. A crowd of hundreds showed up at the store, hoping to catch a glimpse of the princess.

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5. Prince Harry bought cornflakes

 Prince Harry grocery shopping

He just wants to act normal. | Daily Mail U.K. via Twitter

Prince Harry made headlines when he browsed the microwavable meals at the convenience store in 2016. Shoppers were shocked to see the royal “looking at reduced-price ready meals, Daily Mail reported. Word was he opted for some Kellogg’s cornflakes and bananas instead.

“My mother took a huge part in showing me an ordinary life … Thank goodness I’m not completely cut off from reality,” the prince told Newsweek. “I do my own shopping … I am determined to have a relatively normal life, and if I am lucky enough to have children, they can have one too. Even if I was king, I would do my own shopping.”

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6. Queen Elizabeth II studied the specialty cheeses

Queen Elizabeth checked out the specialty cheeses in a Waitrose. | Justin Tallis – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Like Kate, Her Royal Highness visited Waitrose, although for an official royal visit. The queen visited the supermarket in the British town of Poundbury. Staff gave her a tour and introduced her to tenant farmers who supply the store’s milk. She seemed intrigued by the large assortment of cheeses at a specialty counter, The Telegraph reported.

The Waitrose staff sent the monarch off with free hampers packed with goodies like beer, wine, whiskey, and dog treats for the family pets.

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7. Prince Charles browsed the vegetable aisle

Prince Charles looking at vegetables in grocery store

He toured a grocery store with his wife. | David Parker/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Although it’s unlikely he shops there often on a personal basis, Prince Charles has visited Waitrose stores several times on royal business. He created a company called Duchy Originals whose organic food is sold mainly at the grocery chain in the U.K.

For instance, the heir to the throne accompanied the queen on her 2016 visit to the Waitrose in Poundbury. He too toured the store along with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles and received a hamper of freebies. “I can’t possibly thank Waitrose enough for their generous hospitality today,” he said.

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8. Camilla Parker Bowles ordered ice cream

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles checking out at grocery store

She has been spotted at groceries stores for royal visits. | David Parker/WPA Pool/Getty Images

As she and Charles are reportedly quite particular about their diets, Camilla Parker Bowles may be getting her groceries from various specialty shops. While she’s been spotted at local grocery stores (and out for ice cream) multiple times, it’s been tied in with official royal visits.

The duchess has been known to make a purchase or two, however, even when she happens to be there on business. In 2009, she was seen in the checkout aisle, where the cashier put her purchases into a reusable bag.

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