Product Review: Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Earbud

After much anticipation, I finally received the new Jawbone ICON. It has miraculously answered my prayers for cell phone audio quality that won’t make my dad hang up on me after he can’t stand listening to one more second of obnoxious background noise.

The package engineering took months, and it shows. The packaging looks like a small museum display piece. It’s almost too nice to dismantle. It is noted on the box that recycling is encouraged. Even as a green living proponent, it’s so cool I might just have to keep it.

I was able to complete the initial setup in about 10 minutes. Amazingly, the sound quality using the Jawbone ICON is better than using any of my phone’s other audio options, including the speaker phone or headset connected to the phone with a wire. Perhaps that says more about the quality of my phone. However, I think that still speaks volumes about the audio quality of the Jawbone ICON.

I was initially a little skeptical about the delicateness of the Jawbone ICON. After throwing it in my purse and carrying it around for a few days — just like I do for anything else I tote around on a regular basis — I felt more assured that it is sturdy enough not to require any special attention.

There were a few nice surprises included in the package—a free 1 GB jump drive and four different sized ear pieces. I have trouble finding a good fit for any earpiece, even headphones, so this was particularly beneficial for me.

I love anything customizable, so I was impressed to learn I could join the MyTALK online community (currently in beta mode) and further customize my Jawbone ICON with special features such as a unique voice that comes with a matching personality for any time it needs to communicate with me (i.e., when the Jawbone ICON is turned on, notice of 15 minutes of talk time remaining, etc.). My personal fave is The Ace. Who doesn’t like an Australian accent?

My biggest concern: cancer. If I start using the Jawbone ICON on a regular basis, will I develop some weird ear tumor in a few years? After some careful research online, I am satisfied with using a Jawbone ICON since the Jawbone still has radiation levels 100 times less than holding a cell phone directly to your ear.

I’ve officially been sold. Hopefully my friends won’t silently judge me when I become one of those people with a wireless headset attached to my ear.