Professional Printing Advice for Businesses

Brought to you by Brother International Corporation

In an office environment, it’s safe to say that simplicity overrides complexity when trying to get things done in the most effective way possible. Brother™ wants to help ensure that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have the right solutions in place for optimal productivity and cost saving. Whether it’s replacing underused print devices with more effective printing solutions or finding compatible software and services to improve a business process, Brother is here to help you find the perfect solution for your business printing needs. Read on for three key printing tips that can help you save money and increase productivity for your small business – because after all, running a business can be expensive, but your printing costs don’t have to be.

Keep Printing Devices Close to Employees
A printer that’s more than 100 feet away from an employee’s desk or workspace can be bothersome, especially when today’s society is used to instant access to information and technology. It’s recommended that printers be placed in such a way that no employee is farther than 15 to 20 feet from the closest device. Think of it this way: when an employee is walking a distance to access the printer, he or she is losing time that could be better spent on other tasks. For instance, if a company has 500 employees who print an average of five times a week and have an average round-trip walk to the printer of two minutes, the time of transit is approximately 4,333 hours per year.

Place More Basic Devices in Key Locations
Instead of having a few high-end, expensive printing devices spread across your office space, we recommend keeping a greater number of right-sized devices in key locations. This will not only ensure that employees are closer to a printer, but it will also ensure that a printer is always available to handle their needs – both of which have productivity and cost advantages. Moreover, because these devices would not boast some of the more advanced capabilities and extras found in high priced large devices, they would likely have a lower purchase (or lease) price as well as lower maintenance costs. You can learn more on Brother’s website.

Compatible Offerings for Improving Document Productivity
Organizations can maximize cost savings and productivity through compatible software and services that help improve business processes. For example, print management/cost recovery solutions can automate a range of print, copy, and scan tasks (including activity tracking, cost allocation, quota setting/enforcement, secure printing, job redirect, and reporting). Other tools can be used for capturing scanned documents, routing them to the proper destinations, and retrieving information at a later date. Industry-specific software and services are also available for common business processes as well as security and compliance requirements. Depending on the need, organizations can elect for out-of-the-box solutions or custom-built offerings. Furthermore, a number of printers/MFPs come with various solutions built-in, including technology for printing from mobile devices, connecting with cloud services, and sustainable printing. When paired with additional business process applications or services for optimizing the document infrastructure, SMBs can ensure their businesses are operating as productively and cost efficiently as possible.

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