Queen Elizabeth II Is Worth $472 Million. Here Is How She Spends and Invests Her Fortune

Partly due to my Game of Thrones addiction and partly due to Prince Harry‘s good looks, I find the lives of those in the royal family to be utterly fascinating. With the snap of the finger, the butler presents hot tea and champagne on a silver platter with an assortment the well-assembled hors-d’oeuvres, right? Surely, that’s how it all works.

The assumption that the Queen Elizabeth II is wealthy would be an accurate one. She is the queen of England after all. More commonly, the curiosity surrounding the queen’s wealth comes more in regard to how much she really has and where all that money actually comes from. Queen Elizabeth II has amassed the majority of her fortune from the inheritance she received from her late mother, investments, and income from the Crown Estate (Sovereign Grant).

Currently, Queen Elizabeth II is estimated to have a net worth of $472 million. And with all that wealth, surely the queen knows how to drop some coin here and there to enjoy both a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. The longest reigning monarch does practice some modesty but also knows how to enjoy her fortune. Here’s how she’s been spending and investing her millions.

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