RadioShack’s New Concept Stores Embrace Tech Newbies

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Radioshack Corp. (NYSE:RSH) has announced it’s unveiling two new concept stores in Sun Valley, California and Manhattan, New York, respectively. Both stores are expected to open on March 22, according to a FierceRetail report Wednesday. The Manhattan store joins several other existing concept stores on the island; altogether, the retailer currently has approximately 25 other highly experiential concept stores, opened in a move that began in July 2013 to reinvigorate its stores.

The electronics retailer has struggled in recent years, and announced earlier this month that it has plans to close more than 1,000 stores, or approximately 20 percent of its locations after reporting a fourth-quarter loss of $191.4 million after a feeble holiday sales season.

The new concept stores feature interactive areas throughout the store, which “encourage shoppers to discover personalized solutions, connect with sales associates, and realize the unlimited potential of technology,” RadioShack wrote in a press release on Wednesday.

There are also designated areas on the floor where customers can receive special one-on-one training from store associates; part of a new marketing campaign RadioShack calls “Do it Together.” The electronics retailer is looking to reach out to an older age bracket and it’s new experiential concept stores are evidence of RadioShack’s attempt to embrace an older generation that might need more assistance with newer technology than say, millennials who have grown up with computers, cell phones, and gadgets.

RadioShack says that if the new design proves successful it will renovate all of its U.S. locations to reflect the new, experiential concept stores.

The company is offering customers who stop buy the new store coupons worth up to $10 off any $40 purchase. The store is also offering a limited time deal for customers who check into the store on Foursquare as well.

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