Real Managers Reveal the Some of the Craziest Reasons People Got Fired

Getting fired can be unpleasant. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand why a co-worker was let go. However, there are some situations where it’s easy to see why a firing took place. A few Reddit users shared some of the most unbelievable situations that led to an employee being let go.

On the following pages, real managers reveal some of the craziest reasons employees got fired.

Drinking on the job

bottle of vodka

Don’t drink and work. | Sven Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images

For this employee, every hour was happy hour. It’s bad enough she drank on the job, but what made it worse was the fact she was responsible for people’s lives—she worked as a nurse. Here’s what Reddit user BronzeVicious had to say:

I had an employee (a nurse) who was drinking on the job. She snuck vodka in a plastic water bottle. We became suspicious when she began behaving erratically. Then we noticed that she was super possessive of her bottle and never let it leave her sight or let anyone else near it. She messed up and left it at her desk when she went to the bathroom, so we sniffed it and she was busted. Hot mess, that woman was.

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Watching porn at work


Why would anyone think this is OK? | Ian Gavan/Getty Images for O2

Apparently, some people can’t wait until they get home to watch their porn. However, this habit could not only offend your co-workers but also get you shown the door. Reddit user imrite11 said he had to fire an employee who was caught watching porn at work even after being asked to stop.

I fired a guy in his first week for browsing and downloading porn at work on his lunch break. [He was viewing porn] on a computer in a large open room that other people worked in—at a government organization. I caught him red handed, warned him not to do that, already thinking this guy will be fired at the end of the day, but I have to go through the channels (it was a weekend shift). Two hours later, he does it again, at the same place. At that point, I had the vice president’s approval to just fire him and we dealt with the paperwork on Monday.

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Not playing well with others

closeup iphone and earphones or headphones device on table

Thing went a little too far. | Blackzheep/iStock/Getty Images

Occasional joking in the office is to be expected. It keeps things light and helps bring teams closer together. Without laughter, the work day would be a lot tougher to get through. However, one employee took things a little too far and ended up losing his job over it. A Reddit user who goes by the name qx3okc, explains what happened:

Employee 1 wearing earplugs on a string.

Employee 2 comes up behind 1 and decides to yank on string which pulls earplugs out of ears very fast. This causes a vacuum in the ear canal and effectively “pops” your eardrums outward; it hurts bad.

Employee 1 got mad, yelled, and possibly cussed employee 2.

Employee 2 decides he doesn’t like attitude about the situation.

Employee 2, who is an amateur boxer, punches 1 to lay him out on the floor.

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This woman had a serious meltdown

Angry Businesswoman yelling at a businessman

Destroying company property is never a good look. | Pixland/iStock/Getty Images

This might be one of the worst stories managers posted on Reddit. Redditor 83-Edition told the story of how an employee got into an argument with a co-worker. Instead of things diffusing, the argument escalated, and the employee ended up doing some serious damage.

I was part of a group of IT contractors together for a large international project. The client would get us apartments to live in at each implementation site for 6 to 12 months. A member of my team got into a disagreement with the CTO when he came to visit our site, which resulted in her screaming personal attacks at him in the hallway when he tried to step outside to de-escalate the argument. She was fired on the spot, but then proceeded to go back to the apartment provided by the company and completely wreck it. The site was in the middle of the desert and she had opened all the windows and doors, turned the AC on max, stopped all the drains, turned the water on, and threw red nail polish all over the bathroom… it was the most extreme breakdown in a professional environment I’d ever seen.

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This employee really didn’t want to go to work

aluminium sport wheel on a black sport car

That’s one way to show how you feel. | algre/iStock/Getty Images

Damaging your boss’s property is a sure way to get fired. A manager on Reddit who goes by the name SgtDefective2, says his former employee didn’t take direction well. The employee decided he was going to teach his boss a lesson after hearing something he didn’t like. Here’s how he took matters into his own hands:

He slashed my tire after I told him to go work instead of sitting in the break room.

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 This secretary couldn’t take it anymore

Business woman writing on a computer in the office

That secretary obviously couldn’t take it anymore. | Rostislav_Sedlacek/iStock/Getty Images

Some workers get to a point where they just don’t care anymore. We think that’s what must have happened to one Redditor’s secretary. It looks like she got one too many assignments and it sent her over the edge. It definitely must have been a rough day at work for her. Here’s what this manager, who goes by the user name SandmanD2, had to say about his ex-secretary:

I gave my secretary a document that I wanted incorporated into a letter I had written, and she hucked the document like a frisbee into her trashcan. It was literally my only copy, so I had to walk over and fish it out. That was her last day.

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This worker made cruel jokes about his manager’s son

car salesman

This car salesman sounds like the worst kind of person. | Matt Cardy/Getty Images

There’s a time and a place for everything. Laughter is great, but it isn’t always the best medicine. This is especially the case when the joke is about someone who is facing a tough time or can’t defend him or herself. Reddit user daaabears23 spoke about how an employee’s cruel jokes resulted in him getting fired:

In auto sales, one of our salesmen always seemed to be up to something. Between lying to customers, drug abuse, and constant fighting at home, he was impossible to manage. Unfortunately, he was the type that gave the rest of us a bad name. Eventually, he got into it with our general store manager (about several issues) and [all he could think to do] was to start making fun of our general store manager’s handicapped son. I had so much respect for our general store manager. He took him in an office, told him he was terminated, and walked out even though I know inside he was boiling with rage. Glad he’s gone.

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Living a double life

movie theater seats

A movie theater employee stole someone’s identity so he could steal money without getting caught. | Thinkstock

Identity thieves can pop up anywhere. The thief could be at the medical office, he or she could be someone you’ve never met before, or the thief could even be a co-worker. Reddit user Icyknight007 spoke about an employee who was leading a double life.

Had a guy did this at my last job at the movie theater. He stole around $3,000 before he was caught. When he was caught, he was fired immediately. Since my boss believed in giving people second chances, she decided against pressing charges and set up a payment plan with him to pay it back. After sending the first bill to his address, we had an 18-year-old come in with his 11-year-old brother, asking why his brother was getting bills from the theater. Turns out the guy that stole the cash actually stole the kid’s identity and has been using that info to get jobs and steal from them.

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