The Real Reason Why So Many People Hate Their Jobs

Work. It’s a passion for some and it’s a necessary evil for others. If you’re in the second group, you likely have some gripes about your job. Do you ever wonder why so many other people hate their jobs? Well, it’s often a combination of factors that build up over time until things become unbearable. Here are some of the top reasons workers are miserable.

You feel like your work lacks meaning

Frustrated worker

Frustrated worker |

Do you drag yourself to work each day, trying to find the point of going there anymore? One reason you may hate your job is because you’ve lost your passion. Your job doesn’t mean as much to you as it used to. If you’ve lost passion for your job, there’s hope. Until you find a job that’s a better fit, you can try to get involved with volunteer projects outside of work, mentor others, or focus on the parts of your job that you do enjoy.

You’re working too hard

man sleeping on office desk

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When is the last time you took a vacation? If it’s been a couple of years, it’s time to use those vacation days. Overwork could cause you to become so stressed and burnt out that you eventually start to hate your job and the people you work with. If you never stop working (even when you are on an official vacation day), being away from work makes you anxious, and work fills a void in your life, you might be a workaholic. If this describes you, Workaholics Anonymous might be just what you need. Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, Workaholics Anonymous uses a 12-step recovery plan.

You’re not making enough money

Empty pockets

Empty pockets |

Does it seem like there’s more month than money? If you’re having trouble making ends meet, even after cutting your budget to the bone, this could contribute to your unhappiness at work. Living paycheck to paycheck is not only frustrating but also troublesome for your finances. If you don’t have a healthy emergency savings fund, your’e just one paycheck away from financial disaster. Until you find a better paying job, you’ll have to explore other options for paying the bills each month. Among your options are asking for a raise and getting a second job. 

Your boss doesn’t like you

Businessman stressed and angry in office

Stressed businessman |

If there’s trouble between you and your boss, it can make your work environment a living hell. Some signs your boss wishes you were gone include giving you impossible assignments, micromanaging, and criticizing you for just about everything. 

Unfair hiring practices

candidate in a job interview

Job interview |

Did an unqualified colleague with zero job experience land a plum job? When management regularly passes over talented employees so they can hand out promotions to relatives and friends, this can make work unpleasant. Until you can move on to greener pastures, just nod and smile — and make friends with your new boss.

Horrible co-workers

group of co-workers gossiping

Gossip at work |

When it comes to office life, nothing is worse than working with a bunch of gossips, slackers, and just plain evil co-workers. The only problem is, even if you do leave and find a new job, you’re likely to encounter a new group of unsavory co-workers since there are always a few in every office. Just brush up on your conflict resolution skills — and document everything.

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