Recent Survey: Men and Women Working Equal Hours

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the results of a 2010 survey on “American time use” which revealed that men and women now officially put in almost equal amounts of time in the workplace, though men still out-work women in some departments. According to the survey, employed men worked 41 minutes more than employed women, (women were more likely to hold part-time jobs), although even in full-time jobs, men outworked women by a small margin.

Notably, women are still kicking men to the curb in terms of their commitment to household activities, with 84% of women spending time on household chores daily, compared to 67% of men. “Household activities” includes housework, cooking, lawn care, or financial and other household management. Women also spent more time on housework, averaging 2.6 hours of home-care daily compared to 2.1 hours from men.

Not all bad news for men though, as they still rule the leisure department, out-performing women in time spent on “leisure and sports activities” with averages of 5.57 hours per day for men and 4.82 hours for women. Men were also more likely to spend time playing sports and exercising, with 22% of men taking part in the activities daily, compared to 16% of women.

When it comes to caring for the kids, women retained their long-held advantage in 2010, spending an average of 1.1 hours per day on “physical care” (with children 6 and under). Men put in just 26 minutes per day on average.

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