These American Restaurants Are Failing to Attract Customers

3. Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company's four delicious mac and cheeses

One of Noodles & Company’s latest offerings: four different Mac & Cheese dishes | Noodles & Company via Facebook

  • Sign of the end: 55 locations closed

Noodles & Company had to shutter roughly 10% of its total locations in 2017. While management claims some stores have performed well, others are dragging the company down with consistently weak performance. And Noodles needs that extra cash flow; a data breach reportedly cost the company $11 million.

The company introduced an order-ahead option for diners who want to quickly pick up meals in-store. In an effort to appeal to a wider variety of tastes, Noodles introduced new menu items like Buffalo Mac & Cheese and customizable vegan options.

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