Retail Sector Set to Add Significant Amount of Temp Jobs This Holiday Season

It could be a decent season for temporary holiday workers. But not as good as last year.

According to the research firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the retail sector will “add about 600,000 seasonal staffers between October and early January, down from 627,600 last year.”

John Challenger, the firm’s CEO added, “There are a lot of temporary hires going on as retailers gear up for the holiday season. Consumers might be opening up their wallets a little bit more over the holiday season.”

This a considered a good sign considering the recent number of layoffs across numerous industries. Retailers are preparing for a rush on Black Friday with early store openings.

Stores looking to increase seasonal hiring from last year includes Macy’s (NYSE:M), Kohl’s (NYSE:KSS) and Target (NYSE:TGT). According to a MarketWatch article, Macy will hire 78,000 holiday workers (4 percent rise), including ones for both Macy and Bloomingdale stores; Kohl’s will look to hire  more than 40,000 holiday workers (5 percent rise) and Target is aiming for a rise from last year’s 92,000 seasonal staff (a 67 percent rise for Black Friday).

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