These Retailers Can’t Attract Customers and Might Soon Close Forever

Kmart store closing

The CEO is still making money though. | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

We all know about the retailers in real trouble. Sears is on its deathbed. Macy’s isn’t looking too good. And despite the struggles of those two stores, their hated CEOs are still making plenty of money. Even iconic brands like Campbell’s Soup and Harley-Davidson aren’t immune face uncertain futures.

Some of it can be chalked up to the reach and convenience of Amazon. Specializing in niche products or not following the lead of loved stores is also hurting retailers. It’s a hard time for many brick and mortar retailers, but some have it worse than others. Here are 14 chains in danger of disappearing forever.

First things first

You probably know how bad things are for most retailers. Empty storefronts are a sign of the struggles they face. Some well-known brands have been failing horribly as customers turn their backs, but they are far from alone. As we are about to see all brands — big and small, anonymous and well-known — are under pressure.

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