These U.S. Retailers Are Completely Failing to Attract Customers

It’s a detrimental time for brick-and-mortar stores. Beloved restaurants aren’t the only ones taking the fall; retail stores are hurting, too. Many credit online shopping, but it can’t shoulder all the blame for struggling retailers nationwide.

Will future generations know what it’s like to shop in a real store with actual cash registers? If the number of struggling retailers is any indication, the answer is no. These 19 retailers are failing miserably in their attempts to attract customers.

1. Toys R Us

Shopping at Toys R Us

A Toys-R-Us shopper walks through the aisles. | Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Who needs to visit an actual toy store when Amazon can deliver gifts to your door? Most parents seem to agree, and Toys R Us is suffering the consequences. Fearing they won’t receive payment, vendors began canceling shipments after the toy retailer filed for bankruptcy. Toys R Us faces $400 million of debt and an uncertain future. However, they should still have enough toys for the holiday season.

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