Retired and Looking for Part-Time Work? Low-Paying Stores You’ll Want to Avoid Like the Plague

1. Dollar General

Dollar General storefront

Dollar General has the lowest average pay. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Average sales associate salary: $7.87 per hour

A study was highlighted by Business Insider in May which illustrated the best- and worst-paying retailers in America. One of the lowest-paying retailers was Dollar General. Based on Glassdoor reports, the typical sales associate earns $7.87 per hour, although salary for the position could range from $7 to $9 per hour. Overall, employees rated Dollar General almost three of five stars on Glassdoor.

Low salaries aside, one positive aspect of working for Dollar General, however, just might be job security. Instead of closing stores (like many retail companies are doing), the retailer plans to continue opening locations across the country. The chain employees about 121,000 people nationwide and planned to hire 10,000 more employees in 2017. Those jobs, however, will be mostly low-wage ones. (Salaried managers at Dollar General stores can earn $40,000, but that often includes long hours without overtime compensation.)

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