Review: kaChing Pro for Investment Managers

Last week, popular investment tracking site kaChing released what I consider a prospective game changer for the investment management business: kaChing Pro. The new service allows registered investment advisors to leverage the power of cutting-edge Web 2.0 software.

At the core of kaChing Pro is the ability to bring in smaller accounts which previously required too many administrative costs. Now, managers can manage an infinite number of client accounts at no additional costs, effectively enabling investment managers to take on new clients without regard for account minimums.

For example, when an investment advisor wants to make an equity transaction for their clients, rather than having to execute individual trades for each account, kaChing Pro has a one-click feature which uses Interactive Brokers to simultaneously execute the same transaction for all client accounts. That’s a huge cost and time saver.

kaChing Pro Solves Three Major Challenges

Additionally, kaChing Pro offers Google Analytics quality metrics for investment advisors to better track the details of client portfolios. After viewing the suite of analytics, I believe the quality is on par with (CRM). This will give investment advisors a much better sales platform than currently exists outside the major mutual fund houses.

Unlike a traditional mutual fund, clients of kaChing Pro investment advisors have an unprecedented level of transparency. Each client can log into their account and see what investments they are holding and why. This real-time access to holdings and advisor rationales is a major shift in an industry which has been inaccessible to clients.

Basically, kaChing Pro empowers smaller to midsized investment managers with tools which will greatly increase their productivity, sales acumen, and profitability. Like open-source software, kaChing Pro is the first tool to help these investment advisors legitimately compete with the most ubiquitous mutual fund companies.

After the mainstream media and most investment advisors dropped the ball during the Great Crash of 2008, I believe many investors are still looking for more transparent alternatives. As registered investment advisors use kaChing Pro to help attract these investors, a much larger paradigm shift will get underway.

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