Meet the Richest Criminals of All Time, Including 1 Worth $30 Billion

You probably know about these notorious con men, but do you know which criminals are the richest in history? We’ve ranked them according to who amassed the biggest fortune. You’d be surprised where the most famous fall (pages 9 and 14) as well as who takes the number one spot (page 15).

15. Frank Lucas

Mugshot of Frank Lucas

He started small, but eventually became a kingpin. | United States Government/Wikimedia Commons

  • $52 million

The high-profile Harlem drug lord began his life of crime with petty theft and pool hustling. The drug kingpin’s criminal career inspired a major blockbuster movie, American Gangster, and led to his 18 arrests — but only 3 convictions.

Lucas became infamous in the ’70s for his heroin empire and alleged controversial smuggling methods. He claimed his people trafficked the drugs into America in Vietnam War soldiers’ coffins, while his partner-in-crime said they shipped the drugs in furniture, not caskets.

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