You Won’t Believe How Much Money Alex Trebek and These Other Game Show Hosts Are Worth

There is a lot of money in entertainment. Just take it from these rich TV show hosts. Your payday won’t quite as high as those hosts, but being a game show winner is one earn some extra money.

If pressing your luck while standing next to a slimmed-down Drew Carey isn’t your thing, you could try joining the ranks of high paid reality TV stars. The 15 minutes of fame and the nice paycheck from winning a game show are nice, but the real money comes from holding the microphone. You can make a lot of money winning a game show, but you can make even more as a game show host. This is how much the country’s most famous game show hosts are worth. We’ll count down to the richest host, but you might be surprised by our runner-up.

16. Wayne Brady

Let's Make A Deal Wayne Brady

He has done plenty of hosting in his time. | CBS

Wayne Brady was a regular on the improv game show Whose Line is it Anyway. Now he hosts his own game show on CBS. His years on camera have led to a healthy $10 million net worth, plenty of money to take all those Disney vacations he loves so much.

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