The Richest Person From the Year You Were Born

We know who the richest female athletes are, the wealthiest fashion designers are worth at least six figures, and we know which game show hosts are raking in the money. But do you know who the richest person is who was born the same year as you? We’re about to find out. From Jim Walton to Bill Gates, this is the richest person your age.

Along the way, we’ll meet a few of the richest Americans, but since we’re focusing on verified wealth, you’re not going to see any of the richest drug dealers or secret billionaires on our list. However, we will meet two software executives who transitioned to the world of sports at Nos. 11 and 14.

1. Ron Perelman

Sheryl Crow, Ron Perelman

Revlon Chairman Ron Perelman (right) is the richest person in the world born in 1943. | Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images

Net worth: $18.9 billion

Year born: 1943

We start our list with Ron Perelman, whose success in almost everything he’s one makes him the richest person born in 1943. He owns 70% of Humvee, a large portion of Revlon, a $75 million yacht, and an art collection worth roughly $4 billion.

Next: The first of many computing and software billionaires.

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