The Most Ridiculous and Aggravating Fees You’re Getting Scammed With

Even the most frugal consumers can halfheartedly justify paying the going rate for goods and services in a free-market economy. It’s just how the world works. But what many of us cannot comprehend is how our seemingly standard monthly bills we’ve succumbed to paying sometimes climb astronomically. Once we take a magnifying glass to the fine print, we realize it’s those ridiculous hidden fees that scammed us yet again.

Consumers are being squeezed from all angles. Airlines have it down to a science, but they’re hardly the only businesses that raid our bank accounts. We see it from restaurants, cable companies, phone companies, and more. Although all hidden fees are detrimental, these 15 fees are the most ridiculous.

1. The facility fee

man frustrated with bills

You can walk into a building and be charged a facility fee. |

There’s a new hidden fee showing its face to the world these days via doctors’ offices and health care centers. It’s known as a facility fee. For example, according to MarketWatch, an Illinois woman was handed a $235 fee — almost more than the doctor visit itself — for a charge under the ruse of a facility fee to cover general overhead charges. The report says “as doctors’ offices increasingly are being bought up by big hospital systems, patients are being charged facility fees of up to hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket without warning and without the ability to contest them.” But hospitals claim this is simply the price to pay for 24/7 access to health care services.

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