The Ridiculously Overpriced Items You Keep Paying Way Too Much Money For

Unless you’re filthy rich, you’ve probably noticed prices on everyday items are increasing. Some of us might chalk it up to standard retail markups, but what’s really considered a fair hike these days? Unfortunately, retailers stand to gain the most from overpriced items the average American buys regularly, and consumers are forced to shoulder shrug their way through the shocking transaction at the register.

Even the thriftiest shoppers must succumb to premium prices now and again. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve purchased at least a few of these pricey products recently. Ranked from minor discomfort to downright infuriating, these are the 15 most common items consumers are forced to pay way too much money for.

15. College textbooks


It’s as if college weren’t expensive enough. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  • Markup: 40%

A student can’t get through school without purchasing the required course material. Unfortunately, that means many are cornered into paying too much money for these books because the typical bookstore markup is about 40%.

Publishers attempt to jack up the price by regularly issuing new editions and discouraging the use of previous editions. And have you ever noticed how hard it is to find used copies of college textbooks? Thanks to these clever strategies, students pay over $1,230 per year on college books and supplies, according to College Board.

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