RIM Awarded Security Clearance and 1 Hot Stock Seeing Action

Fox (NASDAQ:NWS), Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) NBC Universal and CBS (NYSE:CBS) have sued to block Dish’s (NASDAQ:DISH) ad-skipping AutoHop features on its Hopper DVRs. Claiming the features violate copyrights, the broadcasters had moved for a preliminary injunction pending resolution of the lawsuit. However, California Judge Dolly Gee declined the request yesterday. Both sites claimed victory: “We are gratified the court found the copies Dish makes for its AutoHop service constitute copyright infringement and breach the parties’ contract,” Fox said. According to Dish, “The ruling underscores the U.S. Supreme Court’s ‘Betamax’ decision, with the court confirming a consumer’s right to enjoy television as they want, when they want.”

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RIM (NASDAQ:RIMM) announced that it had secured US government security clearance, the FIPS 140-2 certification, for its all-new Blackberry 10 platform, along with the new enterprise management platform, clearing the road for government agencies to use these devices immediately upon their launch. “Achieving FIPS certification for an entirely new platform in a very short period of time, and before launch, is quite remarkable,” RIM’s head of security certifications, David MacFarlane, said in a statement.

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