Earnings Call Nuggets: Company Priorities and Critical Products, Inc. (NYSE:CRM) recently reported its second quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Company Priorities

Kash Rangan – Bank of America Merrill Lynch: One question for you Marc. As you have begun to integrate ExactTarget, you’ve also brought on board two high-profile executives from Oracle, Keith Block and Tony Fernicola. I guess my question is, what are the changes that you foresee in the field organization, go-to-market, as a result of a lot of important developments that have happened this quarter. And a question for you Graham, the ExactTarget deferred revenue contribution is a lot higher than we would have expected. Just wondering if the invoicing terms are also changing particularly that side of the business and how you foresee that and backing (indiscernible).

Marc Benioff – Chairman and CEO: I want to tell you that as the CEO of Salesforce, I’ve really got three priorities that are extremely important to me. The first is the continued development of our flagship products, or sales service platform, and all I am focused on right now is delivering incredible new version of at Dreamforce, an incredible new version, and that is anchored to the cloud, to mobile and social capabilities. Number two; I am extremely focused on the success of ExactTarget. I couldn’t be more excited about this acquisition, about Scott Dorsey, about the leadership team in Indianapolis and also the speed at which the acquisition and the integration is going and how it’s going to impact our Company and provide our customers the ability to connect with their customers in a whole new way. Number three; I am extremely excited about Keith Block that we are able to bring in a fantastic new executive to help lead our global customer-facing operations. Keith, as you know, runs all sales and service and vertical solutions; anything that we’re going to market with, Keith is responsible for. Keith has done a phenomenal job and he is completely rebuilding his management team. As you’ve already seen, he has brought in perhaps the most successful sales executive from Oracle of all time, Tony Fernicola, somebody who we’ve had a relationship with since we started the Company, but never had the motivation to join the company before Keith came in, and we’re so excited that we’re able to say that we are taking what was a world-class sales and service organization and taking it to a whole new level under the leadership team of Keith, and he has put an incredible management team. So, those are the three things that I’m really excited about. I’ll turn it over to Graham for the second part of the question.

Graham Smith – EVP and CFO: Yeah, Kash, so obviously there is a headcount on deferred revenue that I think calculate Charter at around 30%. We haven’t yet – I think Scott and the team at ExactTarget are really just at the beginning of implementing some of our annual billing policy. So right now, there is clearly no effect on that. It’s very difficult for me to estimate at this point, just sort of over a month into this, how quickly that’ll go. We will give you an update on that as things progress.

Critical Products

Brent Thill – UBS: Jut a quick follow-up on the go-to-market. You’ve unveiled numerous offerings and I’m just curious, if you could give us your view of how you’re simplifying the packaging and that go-to-market whether through the use of social ELAs or it looks like you’ve unveiled the new performance condition coming in November that packages more for a higher price. Can you give us a sense of how you’re thinking strategically about that?

Marc Benioff – Chairman and CEO: Sure, that’s a great question Brent, I really appreciate. Number one, we’ve simplified our product line into really four critical products, which is our Sales Cloud and it’s a highly differentiated offering that gets the competition especially with our human performance capabilities with, with our integrated data capabilities with, and with the integrated campaign and marketing capabilities of Pardot and of course, it is uniquely positioned as being mobile, social and cloud. Number two, we have really redacted that to not just the Sales Cloud, but also the Service Cloud, the Marketing Cloud and the Platform. Those four core offerings give us the ability to then package those in a variety of editions ranging from products that are uniquely created for small businesses, all the way up to the enterprise. And as we tune those packages, we found opportunities to bundle in a lot of these new features and functions that we have built but perhaps have not been able to sell or fully deliver to our customers either because they didn’t know about it or there wasn’t something that was available at their time of purchase. So we have a tremendous upgrade opportunity, and that’s how we look at the performance addition. It’s a phenomenal product. It’s an incredible new capability for existing customers to take their capabilities to a new level and it’s a tremendous level of optimization on our existing pricing structure.