The Most Secret Purchases People Love to Hide From Their Families

A couple making secretive purchases and playing 4-D chess with one another

A couple making secretive purchases and playing 4-D chess with one another |

Ever make a purchase you’d rather not publicize? Perhaps you’ve visited a strip club (for the first time, of course), or blew half of your paycheck on an Xbox One? We spend money all sorts of ways, and sometimes, we’d rather keep secret how, or just how much, we’ve let go. If you’re single, this isn’t really that big of a deal. You know what’s happening with your money and finances. If you have a handle on things, it’s not a big deal.

But if you’re married, live with your parents, or have a family to take care of? Secret spending can create some serious issues. Your spouse may start questioning why there’s an apparent crater in the joint bank account, for example. Or your parents might be wondering why you have a job, but can’t seem to hold onto your money for more than five minutes.

Secretly spending money

In these cases, secret spending can be a problem. A new report from dug into this topic to find out what products and services people are secretly spending the most on.

According to a CouponCabin press release, “53% of U.S. adults admit to ‘always’ or ‘often’ hiding their spending from a loved one, with the average amount concealed being a staggering $264 a month.” The report details a survey of 2,000 people, who most commonly said that they secretly spend in order to avoid a possible argument.

About 10% of those polled said they hide more than $1,000 in spending a month. Another 28% admitted to having secret bank accounts in order to facilitate their spending. “Some of us can be a little flush when it comes to spending, and have told white lies about what we’ve bought for one reason or another,” said Scott Kluth, founder and CEO of CouponCabin.

“Americans are planning to spend over $900 on Christmas this year, it’s important that we’re honest with our family and friends about our money habits,” he said.

What are people secretly spending their money on? Here are the 12 most common secret purchases.

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