12 Secrets Target Shoppers Need to Know

1. There’s a method to the clearance madness

target clearance

Clearance racks at a Target store | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Target deal-hunters need to know when things are typically marked down so they don’t miss out on a bargain. Here’s when different categories of items typically go on clearance at most Target stores, according to Mike Catania, founder of PromotionCode. (Your store might have a slightly different markdown schedule.)

  • Monday: Electronics, accessories, kids’ clothing, books, baby, and stationery
  • Tuesday: Domestics, women’s clothing, pets, and market/food items
  • Wednesday: Men’s clothing, health and beauty, diapers, lawn and garden items, and furniture
  • Thursday: Housewares, lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, decor and luggage
  • Friday: Auto, cosmetics, hardware, and jewelry

Clearanced items can be found all over the store, but the endcaps – the displays at the end of the aisle – are a good place to start looking. Markdowns start at 15% and can go down to 90% off for seasonal items (discounts on regular items stop at 70% off). Check the upper-right corner of the price tag to see how much an item has been discounted. If you see the number “15” or “30” and are a gambler, you might want to wait for a further discount.

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