Sector Spotlight: Here’s Why Auto Stocks are Skidding

Automobile stocks need some anti-lock breaks today. Toyota Motors (NYSE:TM) and General Motors (NYSE:GM) are towing the rest of the pack downhill for these reasons:

Toyota Motors (NYSE:TM)

Toyota’s (NYSE:TM) quality control issues are like a bad case of herpes: they just keep coming back over and over again at the worst possible moments.

Just as shareholders were starting to see share prices not seen in over 2 years, Toyota is recalling another 2.2 million vehicles because of faulty accelerator pedal issues. You may not be happy with these insanely large costs now, but if you believe Toyota will ultimately transcend these issues and restore the company to a more trustworthy position with consumers, then you might view these snafus as buying opportunities. Advantage: Check out Toyota Motors’s interactive stock chart, fundamentals, Twitter stream, and more >>

General Motors (NYSE:GM)

So much for managing expectations. General Motors (NYSE:GM) reported $0.31 earnings per share for the quarter … a stunning $0.15 below the Wall Street analyst consensus estimate (Thomson Reuters). On a positive note, the resurrecting auto goliath ended an embarrassing 7-year streak of losses. Whew! At least we got that out of the way. (Time to have drinks with the Cleveland Cavs.)

Unfortunately, the quarter was the least profitable in recent earnings periods. Investors are sending shares down ~4%. Advantage: Check out General Motors’s interactive stock chart, fundamentals, Twitter stream, and more >>

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