These Seemingly Pointless Products Made Investors Millions of Dollars

Inspiring inventors and entrepreneurs often think too hard when brainstorming the next big thing. Not all successful million-dollar inventions have to solve world peace or cure cancer — although that’d be nice.

Fortunes have been made in the most unlikely of ways. What some would deem as stupid or silly, others view as worthwhile. Despite all odds, these 15 wacky, yet top-selling products actually became million-dollar inventions for those who created them. How many of these products do you own?

1. Head On

Head On Headache relief stick

There’s no evidence that it actually works. | Amazon

  • $6.5 million in 2006

Sirivision, the distributor for Head On, has an unbearingly annoying commercial to thank for its unlikely success. Sales for a product that claims to relieve headaches when applied directly to your head grew by 234% immediately following the commercial’s release. It logged $6.5 million in sales in 2006 alone. Not bad for a wax product that cannot be backed by any scientific research.

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