Send Us Your Letters to the Editor

wall_st_cheat_sheet_logo_whiteA lot of you are too busy to get involved with commenting on articles. Others are too busy writing letters to the editors at the Wall Street Journal. Now, you can write letters to people who will listen and feature your opinions at our website (if they are good, of course).

We are proud to offer this new feature at Wall St. Cheat Sheet in an effort to continue building our community. Pissed about the bailouts? Write us. Did you follow the advice of an “expert” in the financial media and lose money? Write us. Want to praise someone on Wall Street? Write us. Are you worried about the future of our economy? Write us.

As you can see, opinions related to business or finance are very welcome. This also includes related policy matters. However, if you are interested in political opinions, please send those to FOX or CNN.

Without further ado, send us a written or video opinion …

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