Sigma-Aldrich: Insider and Institutional Investor Stock Sales in Q3

Insiders are generally long-term investors due to restriction in making short-term profits. In contrast, wealth management institutions always have short-term investment. Wall St. Watchdog reveals information regarding the insiders and institutions which recently decreased stock shares of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (NASDAQ:SIAL).

SEC data indicate these insiders have sold Sigma-Aldrich Corporation’s stock since 06/30/2011:

  • Harvey David R: act as Director. On 08/29/2011, sold 15,000 shares, worth $937,400.
  • Reinhard J Pedro: act as Director. On 08/23/2011, sold 11,863 shares, worth $713,100.
  • Toan Barrett A: act as Director. On 08/31/2011, sold 10,000 shares, worth $640,600.
  • Harvey David R: act as Director. On 11/16/2011, sold 7,200 shares, worth $460,800.
  • Smoller David Adam: act as Chief Scientific Officer. On 10/31/2011, sold 5,145 shares, worth $343,500.

SEC data indicate that these institutions significantly reduced their stock shares of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation in Q3 2011:

  • AMERICAN CENTURY COMPANIES INC: On 06/30/2011, held 826,797 shares, worth $60,323,109. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.
  • PGGM INVESTMENTS: On 06/30/2011, held 127,284 shares, worth $9,286,641. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.
  • EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF TEXAS: On 06/30/2011, held 116,000 shares, worth $8,463,360. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.
  • BERNZOTT CAPITAL ADVISORS: On 06/30/2011, held 102,700 shares, worth $7,492,992. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.
  • RENAISSANCE TECHNOLOGIES LLC: On 06/30/2011, held 89,032 shares, worth $6,495,775. On 09/30/2011, held 0 shares.

About the company: Sigma-Aldrich Corporation develops, manufactures, purchases and distributes a broad range of chemicals, biochemicals and equipment. The Company’s chemical products and kits are used in scientific research, including genomic and proteomic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development and as key components in pharmaceutical, diagnostic and other high technology manufacturing.

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(Note: Data regarding Sigma-Aldrich Corporation’s stock holdings are sourced from All data are assumed to be accurate.)

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