Silver Margin Hike! Signs of Serious Froth and Speculation

As vaguely rumored earlier, and largely anticipated, the CME Group (NASDAQ:CME) instituted another Silver (NYSE:SLV) margin hike, presumably for a broad swath of commodities but apparently focusing on one particularly: silver, this time 10%. This is on top of theĀ 9% margin hike from Monday. If anyone was wondering the reason for silver’s (NYSE:SLV) swoon earlier (and subsequent jump) was, now it’s clear. By now it is becoming rather clear that all the CME (NASDAQ:CME) does is provide ever better reasons to BTFD. As always, we continue to hold our breath until there is a comparable maring hike for the ES. We may soon run out of oxygen.

cme 4.28

Tyler Dureden is the founder of Zero Hedge.