Simplify Your Shopping Trips with Amazon Subscribe and Save

We go to the grocery store because we have to, not because it’s fun. No one really likes going to a stadium-sized store and carting hundreds of pounds of stuff to their car and into their house. Fortunately, grocery shopping doesn’t have to be such a nightmare. If you take a few minutes to automate some of your regular purchases, you can make trips to the store a lot easier to endure.

One of the easiest way to automate your purchases is to use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature. You simply pick out the items you want and select how often you’d like to receive them. Then, right around the first of each month, a box will arrive on your doorstep filled with the stuff you requested. It’s easy, and it even saves you money thanks to a discount based on how many items you have shipped.

Once you’re set up with Subscribe and Save, your shopping lists will shrink, making your trips to the store much less of a hassle. Here’s some help for building your list.

Bounty Basic Paper Towels

Source: Amazon

Paper products

Paper products are a great example of how using Subscribe and Save can simplify your shopping trips, because these things take up a ton of space in your shopping cart. Start receiving all of these products at the turn of each month, and not only will have have to make fewer trips to the store, but you’ll also have to make fewer trips to the car when unloading your groceries. Click the links and add the items so you never have to buy paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper at the store again.

Dove shampoo

Source: Amazon

Hygiene products

We use these products every day, but we often forget about them until we run out — at which point you might have to go through a risky, deodorant-free day at work before restocking your medicine cabinet. That won’t happen if you add these items to your Subscribe and Save list. Add any hygiene products you use regularly, like soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, dental floss, and toothpaste. That way you’ll never run out, and you can rest assured your coworkers aren’t scrunching up their noses on your behalf.

Dawn dishsoap

Source: Amazon

Cleaning supplies

Putting a carton of bleach in your shopping basket on top of your deli meats might not be the healthiest thing to do, so why not order your cleaning supplies online? Go ahead and set up automatic shipments of everything from disinfectant spray and toilet cleaner to dish soap and laundry detergent. That way you’ll never run out of those essentials, and you’ll get to skip the cleaning aisle on your trips to the store.

Kicking Horse coffee

Source: Amazon

Non-perishable food

If you add your favorite non-perishable foods to your Subscribe and Save list, you can save loads of time on your shopping trips. Canned foods like tuna, tomatoes, and beans make excellent additions, as do staples like rice and pasta. You can even stock up on your favorite brands of coffee and cereal. Once all of these items start showing up on your doorstep on a regular basis, you’ll be able to fly through the store, making a bee-line through the fresh and frozen foods and then going on your way.

Baby Bottle Liners

Source: Amazon

Baby products

Babies are the best, but they also add a whole new set of necessities to your regular shopping list. You can stop worrying about those essentials if you set them up to auto-ship from Amazon. Be sure to grab some diapers, wipes, rash cream, formula, bottle liners, and whatever else your baby needs. Then you’ll have more time to spend with the baby because you won’t be wasting it comparing diaper brands at the store.

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