Sina Rumored to Have Customized Phone in the Works

Sina (NASDAQ:SINA) may be following in the steps of Facebook, with rumors that the parent company of Chinese microblogging service Sena Weibo, is planning to introduce a Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android-based device that works with its weibo service, according to reports cited by Marbridge Consulting, says The Next Web. The project is reported to be slated for release this year and is awaiting board approval.

Sina is said to have already created a 10-person development team for the device, and a design for a prototype has reportedly already been presented. If the prototype gets the go-ahead, the team will grow to “hundreds of people” to work toward a 2012 release. Will this move pull Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) into the smartphone game?

Facebook is already developing a device, codenamed Buffy, that is more customized to the social network, and it seems that Sina has the same idea. The prototype is rumored to be a custom version of Android that can access Sina Weibo and other supported applications and services with one click.