Sneak Peak: Pics From Today’s Press Screening Of Wall Street 2

Fresh out of an AM press screening of Wall Street 2 at 20th Century Fox HQ, Wall St. Cheat Sheet has your scoop on Gekko & the gang (free of any spoilers, of course).

As many of you likely know, WS 2 features a Gordon Gekko fresh out of the clink with Shia Labeouf playing the role of Wall St. upstart.  Set in pre-crisis 2008, the audience is aware from the get-go that things are about to get very interesting.

Enjoy some pics for the time being with a full breakdown/review to follow…

First, the obligatory montage of a sprawling NYC to open things up:

Next, a contemplative Shia takes in a speech by the now-free Gekko, who is pushing his new book entitled Is Greed Good?

Then, Gekko and Shia embark upon a fruitful relationship with one-another (or do they???)

And of course, a Bud Fox sighting:

That’s it for now, stayed tuned for much, much more.