15 Tricks Stores Secretly Use to Get You to Spend More Money

Frank from Always Sunny lights cash on fire

Frank from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia lights cash on fire. | FX

Although the holidays are generally the retail sector’s biggest and busiest shopping extravaganza, it’s a year-round business. We’re all buying the latest and greatest gadgets, clothes, video games, and everything else you can think of each season. And the salespeople whose job it is to separate consumers from their money smell blood in the water.

Many clever tactics get you to spend more money. Some of these things consumers are aware of. You notice, for example, when cookies on your browser start populating personalized ads on every website you visit. But others are less obvious. For instance, the way products are arranged in a store can impact your purchasing decisions.

QuickQuid, a U.K.-based financial resource site, detailed some of these tactics. “For centuries, traders and entrepreneurs have developed techniques to get their face-to-face customers spending more than intended, using a combination of science and human insight to get us reaching for our wallets,” according to QuickQuid.

Let’s take a closer look at the 15 tactics retailers use to get you to spend more money. Do you fall for any of these?

1. Free shipping (after a limit is reached)

This one is very common and insidiously simple. Nobody wants to pay for shipping, so it’s easy to talk yourself into spending more (or buying a subscription, such as Amazon Prime) to avoid it. You can dodge these costs by looking for coupons or promo codes or buying in bulk.

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