SodaStream Sales LEAP 49% and 4 Hot Stocks Trending Now

A clouded future on Deutsche Bank’s (NYSE:DB) real estate business, under likely disposal due to regulatory hurdles and competition, results in executives quitting and investors switching funds elsewhere. A business review of the unit, known as RREEF, with assets under management of $56 billion, may be completed by September – meanwhile plans to float a new $1 billion fund have been shelved.

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Toyota (NYSE:TM) thinks Brazil, which will host the next World Cup and Olympics, could likely make up for lost vehicle sales in slowing Europe. It plans to double sales to 200,000 vehicles in 2013.

SodaStream (NASDAQ:SODA) reports a strong Q2 as consumable sales leap 49 percent to $61.6 million, despite sales and marketing expenses rising to 36 percent of revenue (32.5 percent last year). The company boosts prior 2012 revenue guidance by 33 percent to $289 million.

New York Mortgage Trust’s (NASDAQ:NYMT) EPS for Q2 falls to $0.18 from $0.51 last year with net interest margin at 595 basis points. The company bought $59.1 million worth of multi-family CMBS and posted a dividend of $0.27 a share. Book value per share was $6.51 – higher by $0.39 compared to last year.

The funding crisis at A123 (NASDAQ:AONE) could ease off as up to $450 million in financing could be received from Chinese auto-parts company Wanxiang Group. Net loss for Q2 at A123 climbs to $82.9 million from $55.4 million a year ago.

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