Sony Has a New, Giant Tablet

Sony (NYSE:SNE), which recently announced that it would lay off 2,000 workers by the end of the year, has unveiled the VAIO tablet PC with a 20-inch screen, weighing in at a whopping 11 pounds. The “mobile desktop” uses Windows 8, although the fact that it contains only two hours of battery power puts a limit on its portability.

Advertised as a computer for the whole family, the base model is priced at $879 — a hefty sum when compared to the smaller tablets like Apple’s (NYSE:AAPL) $399 iPad 2 and Microsoft’s (NYSE:MSFT) $499 Surface RT.

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Sony isn’t using the VAIO tablet PC to compete in the crowded tablet market; they’re trying to create a new market. This unconventional move also lies in stark contrast to Google’s (NYSE:GOOG) slender, 10-inch tablet to be announced at its Android event later this month, according to The Next Web.

At such a steep price and wanting in functionality, it seems unlikely that Sony will be able to market the tabletop PC as a legitimate alternative to the desktop computer. At a certain point, bigger just isn’t better.

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