Source: Dave Ramsey to Get Axed from Fox Business

A little TMZ-esque gossip for you this morning:

Wall St. Cheat Sheet hears that Dave Ramsey’s primetime show on Fox Business (NYSE: NWSA) is being given the ax. No word yet on a replacement for the soon to be canceled program but we’re told an announcement will come shortly.

Anything would be an improvement given Ramsey was better at putting people to sleep than getting them out of debt. We’re not exactly surprised by this one – Ramsey never gelled with the rest of FBN’s line-up. Our source put it this way: “He possessed the lethal combination of lacking the charisma and warmth to carry his own television show combined with the delusional arrogance to think he was the next Dr. Phil.”

We look forward to Fox Business continuing to improve based on viewer feedback. That’s the fastest path to success. With Liz Claman, David Asman, and the recent additions of Charlie Gasparino and Gerri Willis, we think the network is positioning well for when the Wall Street Journal agreement with CNBC (NYSE: GE) ends in 18 months.